Mr. Piyush Kankariya

Principal Evangelist Cum Founder

From starting a small coaching centre with 15 students in 2001 to establishing a monolith of myriad and dynamic coaching network. Piyush has come a long way in pioneering what is today the Toppers’ Students Academy, known best for it’s exceptional quality and holistic development.

Piyush, began his career with a humble vision to train young minds towards discernible achievements in Maths, science & engineering. And favourable results showed persistently. He was a Founder Member & Trusty of Arihant Group of Institute, which caters to almost every stream of education. He has cherished this ambition and on his way to start next level of educational foundation. Known as a person of golden heart with a remarkable vigour to excel. He has been crucial in getting innovative methods to TSA. He believes in academic excellence, and is steadily engaged in planning, strategy continuous research.

His innate capacity of hard-work and calibre of being a perfectionist reaped into his rising as a new venture as well, looks after overall deliveries with quality and improvement of the growing TSA.

Piyush say’s to his each student that : “Don’t Call it Dream Call it a plan”

Ms. Namrata P. Kankariya

Principal Faculty cum Co-Founder

Namrata is playing to win, as a principal faculty - well-known and highly respected in their respective academic fraternities, is really what distinguishes TSA from the other coaching institutes. Especially in the fields of Strategy, Finance, Technology, Marketing and Operations. This affords the institute an extensive network of contacts which are instrumental in getting value, students and industry inputs so essential to quality management.

A significant trend of TSA has started with her brainchild, she has the eclectic blend of faculty, academicians, researchers, and professionals drawn from Industry. TSA a unique professional standing in the critical competitive market.

Namrata’s experience, strong credentials - she is graduate in commerce + post graduate in computer management with M.Phil. Sparkly explains her strong domain expertise with Founder member and Trustee of Arihant Education Foundation.

“She believes being a leader is all about making a lasting difference while staying genuine as a person. She focuses her leadership on enabling TSA to lead major market transitions,”

As a Principal Faculty, works with three core principals for the TSA - academic excellence and innovation; perspective, increasing opportunities for students to participate in the academic, cultural and professional communities in Pune; and a vibrant Stern community, working through students, alumni, parents, corporate partners and employers. Under her watch, undergraduate college is on his way….

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