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Every JEE student would want their journey to begin on the right note. The first thing he/she needs to decide is which JEE Coaching classes they want to enrol into. Cracking JEE is highly cherished dream and achieved by a very exclusive group of people who redefine hard work and perseverance. Unwavering determination, persistence and willingness to succeed stems from within but these do not quit matter unless it is supplemented with proper guidance, mentoring and peer support. Even though there is no substitute for hard-work, one needs to employ efficacy strategies that optimise preparation, this is where TSA come into the picture. TSA makes use of an extensive, elaborate and highly effectual tried-and-tested system that is proven formula for success.

TSA is the provider, underpinning engineering excellence in every part across PUNE. As the company and coaching power behind the most influential engineering college rankings, and with more almost a decade of experience as a source of analysis and insight on higher education, we have unparalleled expertise on the trends underpinning college performance. Our data and benchmarking tools are used by many of the colleges to help them achieve strategic goals.

TSA is known for it’s JEE advance / NEET coaching, is has the best faculties in the industry. TSA is a pioneer in the coaching industry and have been springboard for JEE aspirants for a quite long time now. A stronghold in Pune and outskirts and it’s results have been consistently 100% from it’s inception. Despite stiff competition from it’s rivals, TSA has emerged to 300% growth with 4 direct centres.

But the important point here, TSA starts underpinning student excellence from 8th to JEE Mains / JEE Advance / Medical Entrance. TSA has focused programme for each student who starts from 11th & 12th, designed a methodology and framework to monitor and analyse quality & performance and come up with improvement plan.

Teaching as a profession has undergone massive change in the last few decades. Adapting to these changes, especially the technology to engage children has been a key challenge for teachers. Our teacher training focus on improving classroom practice through usage of technology, interactive teaching learning material, classroom organisation skill, planning, and appropriate teaching styles. Our customised teacher training programme focuses on improving the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms, so that greater number of students achieve increasing levels of proficiency in the core subjects and our core objectives are :

To create motivated teachers, capable of delivering the curriculum To improve teachers’ subject knowledge and understating concept of curriculum, to enable effective transfer of knowledge. To expose teachers to Innovative methods, that are student centric and work towards bringing holistic development of the student.

At Topper’s Students Academy, we blend the wisdom of traditional education, with practical knowhow, utilising the best contemporary practices in education. Thus, the students who join TSA, are equipped with a firm theoretical foundation and relevant skill sets to put theories into practices.

Core Values :   Academic integrity and accountability. Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity.

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